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“I was immediately taken with the affect that the panels were able to have on our control room. The sonic image became clearer and better defined. How they’re able to achieve this is a miracle.”questions.” 
– Jim Anderson, Grammy Award winning engineer

“The Sonic Wedge is an aural revelation. The low-end of my bass drum is enhanced and the sound also seems tighter with better focus. The Wedge is also great as a go-bo/ isolation panel in the studio; in fact, it has solved some thorny sound issues in my project studio, making the room seem much larger than it really is. The Wedge is an answer for many drum sound questions.” 
– Peter Erskine, Grammy Award winning drummer

“ In my 33 years of working in the recording industry, I’ve never come across a technology more revolutionary than Aural Sonic.”  [Read the entire story here]
– Seigen Ono, Composer / Sound Engineer / Architectural Acoustics Designer

“I used the Aural Sonic gobos in a live recording session with a full band around the two guitar players amps and was totally impressed with how focused the sound became. I was able to control the amount of leakage with very slight positional changes to easily achieve just the right amount of bleed! Highly recommended!”
– Ron Saint Germain, Producer / Engineer

“I think Aural Sonic is a pretty phenomenal product: a small-footprint absorber worth checking out. In particular, it allows people whoe have to work in smaller rooms to get the low end under control without sacrificing valuable floor space. I have bought several large panels and will certainly buy a few more before I’m through.”
– Michael Aarvold, Recording Engineer / Scoring Mixer

“In my 10x10x8 room, my Focal Solo 6BE monitors are stand-mounted basically in the middle of the room. I sit 40″ from them with a desk in-between & a wall about 20″ behind me. The bass is severely cancelled by reflections from that back wall. I can tame HF with a blanket but bass has always been a problem.Until I install the Aural Sonics panels, that is. I mounted them side by side on the back wall centered at tweeter height.

Now bear in mind that this is totally subjective & I haven’t confirmed my
results with any frequency sweeps etc. But . . . better focus, better
frequency balance throughout, better separation & bass. . . yeah, it’s back.
Deep, fast & low. And the mid-bass is more dynamic.

You made a believer out of me.”
– Ian McArthur, Audio Plus Services

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