User Stories

Read what Seigen Ono, Composer / Sound Engineer/ Architectural Acoustics Designer loves about our products:

(1) Aural Sonic can shut out and absorb sound at an unprecedented level. With a thickness of less than an inch, it has the same absorption capabilities as conventional absorbers many times its thickness. Aural Sonic blocks sound as easily as a heavy blanket can block a ray of light. In my 33 years of working in the recording industry, I’ve never come across a technology more revolutionary than Aural Sonic.

(2) Aural Sonic’s sound absorption capabilities have an effect all the way to the lower frequen-cies. It defies the common knowledge of spatial acoustics that in an enclosed environment, there is no solution for room mode (standing wave) problems. But the revolutionary design of Aural Sonic can minimize standing waves even in small rooms. At Saidera Mastering studio, after treating the entire wall and ceiling with Aural Sonic, one can see that the room feels much larger than a regular concrete basement space.

(3) Besides the solution for the room, the most exciting application for me is adjusting the polar pattern of microphones. With double-sided Aural Sonic panels clamped on mic stands, recording engineers will be able to control and capture sound to their desire, as if they were taking a photograph of the sound.