Shock and Vibration Absorption panels

Enhance sound, while eliminating noise!

  • Enhances the sound of instruments touching the floor by containing their sound
  • Minimizes the transfer of sound to surrounding areas up to 30dB

Aural Sonic Shock and Vibration Absorption panels are designed to contain the sound of any instrument that is touching the floor such as drums and pianos such that there is minimum sound transmission through walls and floors and reduced noise leakage to surrounding rooms.

How does it work?

Aural Sonic Shock and Vibration Absorption panels look like an ordinary piece of wooden board, but it is a layer of Aural Sonic panels sandwiched between three pieces of plywood.

The layer between Aural Sonic and the plywood is a layer of air that absorbs shock when pressure is applied from above. The absorption helps contain sound and vibration from traveling to the floor below. It is based on the principle of an air suspension used in cars. Aural Sonic Shock and Vibration Absorption panels can lower the transmission of sound up to 30dB.


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