Sound Absorption panels

Get Unbelievable Sound Improvement! 

  • Thin and light panels that absorb maximum noise
  • Reflections are suppressed without sacrificing the harmonics. 
  • All the harmonic frequencies are retained
  • Can be mounted onto walls and ceilings easily
  • Easily portable to any location

Aural Sonic’s main product, the Aural Sonic sound absorption panel is designed for recording engineers, musicians, and home studio owners who are constantly looking for a better solution to enhance their recording, performing and listening environments.

Aural Sonic is an innovative absorption panel that is able to absorb unwanted reflections without sacrificing the sound that is intended to be heard. When a particular sound is heard, many frequencies are also heard besides the dominant frequency that was intended to be heard. These are called partials. Aural Sonic is able to suppress these unwanted partials, generating optimum sound by giving richness and clarity to the sound.

How does it work?

Because thickness is needed to absorb low frequencies, conventional low frequency absorbers can be more than 10 inches thick. The problem with thick absorbers is that they absorb too much high frequency while the mid and low frequencies are not absorbed. This unbalanced absorption can make the room sound unnaturally dead. Not only that, they also take up valuable space inside studios.

At just under an inch, Aural Sonic has better absorption capabilities than any other available absorbers at the same thickness. It can absorb mid to low frequencies at this thickness, yet still retains the ability to keep the room sounding lively. Because Aural Sonic suppresses lower frequencies, it also helps prevent vibrations in walls, floors and ceilings.

Other applications for Aural Sonic includes:

  • drum wedge panels for base drums
  • music stand panels for voice recordings
  • grand piano enhancement panel
  • loudspeaker enhancement panel

The above graph shows absorption using a 3’ x 3’ Aural Sonic panel.  Procedures used for the test conform to criteria specified by ASTM C423-09a. 

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Wall Panel 3x3

Wall Panel (3′ x 3′)

Wall Panel (3′ x 3′)

Price: $279.00
Wall Panels

Wall Panel (2′ x 4′)

Wall Panel (2′ x 4′)

Price: $249.00