An easy solution to improve your acoustic environment

  • Wall panels that can be applied to the surface of any room. No need to treat the entire room to hear the difference
  • Adjusts reverberation time, reduces room resonance problems, and improves sound imaging by reducing unwanted reflections
  • Enhanced sound compared to conventional absorption material that typically makes the room sound flat

Many people spend thousands of dollars on their personal sound system, but the most expensive speakers, sub-woofers and amplifiers are worthless if the room has bad acoustics. It is amazing how little of us invest in effective acoustic treatment, yet it is one of the easiest and most effective way to improve your room’s sound quality.

The acoustics of a room is determined by the shape and size of the room and the characteristics of its surfaces. In most cases, little can be done about the size and shape of the room but we can control the acoustics by treating the room’s surfaces. Aural Sonic wall panels can be applied to the surfaces of any room to modify its acoustics, including adjusting reverberation time, reducing room resonance problems, and improving sound imaging by reducing unwanted reflections.

Every room is different, but in most cases, you don’t need to treat the whole room when you are using Aural Sonic. Here are some important tips… Most of us aren’t even aware of how much sound is reflecting off of the wall behind your loudspeakers. Using just one Aural Sonic loudspeaker panel behind each speaker helps reduce reflections from the sound that is leaking from the back of the speaker. (yes sound does leak from there). Another panel on each of the side walls also helps get rid of first reflections. Lastly, the rear walls of listening rooms often require the most acoustic treatment since the rear seats can be relatively close to the back wall. Direct reflections from a close wall can reduce sound image detail and cause interference effects affecting frequency response. However, using conventional absorption material can make the room sound flat, especially for those seated in the rear. Using Aural Sonic can avoid this problem by maintaining reverberation time while weakening reflections from the wall.

With a small investment in effective acoustic treatment using Aural Sonic, sound quality in a room can be increased significantly.

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