Aural Sonic – Enjoy focused sound anytime and anywhere!

Drums are one of the loudest instruments and controlling its reflections can be a challenging task. When playing in an enclosed environment, the drummer never hears just the direct sound coming from the drums but a jumble of sounds reflected off of walls, ceilings, and other hard surface. The drum sound is usually so powerful that its sound waves bounce off of walls and floors several times before completely dying out. With all these reflections occurring, drummers can have a hard time focusing on their drum sound.

Aural Sonic Portable Shock Absorption and Vibration panels (link to shock absorption and vibration panels webpage) solves this problem by suppressing unwanted reflections. By placing just a few panels on the walls or around the drum kit, the acoustic quality of the room is greatly enhanced. Not only does Aural Sonic allow the drummer to enjoy a more focused sound, but it also helps other musicians hear the sound of their instruments more clearly.

“Aural Sonic panels gave a focused sound when applied to the drums. It also added a warm tonal quality that every musician will appreciate”
– Curt Bisquera

“The Sonic Wedge is an aural revelation. The low-end of my bass drum is enhanced and the sound also seems tighter with better focus. The Wedge is also great as a go-bo/ isolation panel in the studio; in fact, it has solved some thorny sound issues in my project studio, making the room seem much larger than it really is. The Wedge is an answer for many drum sound questions.”
– Peter Erskine

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