Recording Engineers

Aural Sonic – A must have for optimum sound!

Walls of recording studios are commonly treated with absorbent material to control unwanted reflections but conventional absorbers that are thin will not absorb low frequencies, and absorbers that are thick will over absorb high frequency and make the room sound ‘unnaturally dead’.

Aural Sonic Sound Absorption Panels (link to sound absorption panels webpage) is a great solution because it can absorb low frequencies (around 100hz) that conventional absorbers are unable to at the same thickness. It is the only sound panel that can get rid of unwanted reflections while keeping the room sounding lively. Aural Sonic’s capability to absorb low frequencies can even minimize standing waves.

These panels can be used as a gobo during recording sessions. With the right placement of Aural Sonic gobo panels, a recording engineer can have better control over the sound environment.Professional Engineers who have tested this product have stated that it works better than any other panel in the market.

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