Aural Sonic sound panels are based on a new Japanese technology that helps enhance acoustics inside a room. When a particular sound (tone) is heard, many frequencies are also heard besides the dominant frequency intended to be heard. Aural Sonic is able to suppress unwanted partial frequencies, giving richness and clarity to the sound.

Aural Sonic also has absorption capabilities more superior than other absorbers at the same thickness. This makes it a great solution for any studio environment but Aural Sonic has potential beyond the recording industry. Our panels can be used to conceal loud machines in factories, the computer server in the office, or used as partitions or cubicles to help main a quiet workspace. In hospitals, Aural Sonic’s sound panels and sound reduction curtains can help keep a peaceful environment for doctors and patients. In restaurants and bars, it can keep help keep noise level down and help customers hear their conversations better.  In daycare centers, preschools and kindergartens it can help keep noise level down and also give kids some “quiet time”. Aural Sonic is a great solution for any place that has noise problems.

A presentation of Aural Sonic Sound Absorption panels by Seigen Ono:

Current endorsers include Seigen Ono, Peter Erskine, and Jim Anderson.

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